Mammal control

There are several species of mammals that can negatively affect humans when these species are outside their habitat or, as in the case of domestic animals, have been abandoned.

Foxes, wild boar, dogs, rabbits, hares or cats are some examples of species for which we can offer live capture solutions. Although as a rule, in the case of Ibiza and Formentera, we will only find dogs, rabbits and cats.

Cats deserve special mention, without a doubt. Cats, if they are not in a suitable environment, which is none other than at home with their owners, can end up forming colonies of feral cats, which have a tremendously negative impact on wildlife (as well as causing health problems in the area).

Their capture by means of bloodless trapping systems and their subsequent transfer to shelters, apart from being a measure that will provide the animal with better living conditions, will also have a tremendously positive effect on the environment.

Live capture, without inflicting any physical harm to the animal, allows for the possibility of their translocation to other more suitable areas, or to shelters, where they can have a second chance, depending on whether they are wild animals or abandoned domestic animals.

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Wildlife control in Ibiza