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Bird control in Ibiza and Formentera

Nova Falcons; a company based in Eivissa with more than 15 years of experience in wildlife control, including the biological control of birds, using falconry and other capture and repelling systems that are not harmful to the birds. The approach we always take when carrying out bird control is based on the integral control of the species to be controlled, always drawing up a work plan that includes corrective, organisational and preventive measures to correct the problem and prevent it from continuing to reproduce.

Working environment, focus of attraction or possible limitations in the measures to be implemented are issues that are always taken into account when planning bird control. Among the measures that we have been using for bird control in Ibiza and Formentera, we highlight, firstly, the Biological Control through the use of falcons and eagles, i.e. falconry.

For more than 15 years, Nova Falcons has been successfully controlling birds with falconry in Ibiza on species such as the yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis), wood pigeons (Columba palumbus), doves (Columba livia) or starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), as well as other smaller bird species, such as sparrows or wagtails.

Nova Falcons in Ibiza has a team of falcons and eagles trained to work in industrial, urban and agricultural environments: peregrine falcons, saker falcons, gyrfalcons, hybrid falcons and harry eagles are some of the species that make up our animal team. Falconry (Biological Control) is very effective because of its high specificity, i.e. it focuses on the target species. Falconry is not a broad-spectrum corrective measure that has a secondary effect of harming or damaging the environment or other non-target animal species. Falconry acts on the pest birds causing the problem, without generating any chemical residues or environmental pollution.

However, and in spite of being an already specific control measure, creating work teams within the animal team, trained to adapt to each work environment, improves the results even more: airports, ports, landfills, sewage treatment plants, golf courses, crop fields, livestock farms, urban areas... are some of the environments for which we have the necessary experience to carry out the work with the desired results.

You can find more information and data of interest, both on the species we work with and on the work carried out in this field, in the Divulgation area of our website.

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  • Bird control in Ibiza and Formentera
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  • Biological control of yellow-legged gulls at Ibiza Airport
  • From his watchtower, watching over the countryside
  • Bird control in Ibiza and Formentera
  • Falconry in Ibiza and Formentera
  • Poultry control at municipal solid waste treatment plant
  • Harrys Eagle at Ibiza Airport
  • Biological control of birds by falconry
  • Selective trapping
  • Harry's eagle with catch of yellow-legged kittiwake (Larus michahellis)

    Scientific bird ringing in Ibiza and Formentera

    Scientific ringing is an essential tool in ornithology, to check the state of health of local bird populations, study migrations or obtain data related to local dispersal, longevity or their biological cycles, among other data of great biological and environmental importance. Through the marking and subsequent collection of biometric data, always generating the least possible prejudice to the bird, we contribute to the study and conservation of the ringed species scientifically.

    Nova Falcons is the only company in the Pitiusas Islands that has its own staff trained to implement scientific ringing, at the same time that we actively promote the implementation of this important field work, with an approach that transcends the economic.

    None of the scientific ringing projects that we implement on the island, such as the PVC ringing of common kestrels (Falco tinninculus) or the common curlew (Burhinus oedicnemus) or the hundreds of ringing and collection of biometric data on passerines, have any kind of external funding or profit motive.

    You can find more information and data of interest, both on the species we work with and on the work carried out in this field, in the Divulgation area of our website.

    • Ornithology Ibiza and Formentera
    • Scientific ringing in Ibiza and Formentera
    • PVC marking of common curlew in Ibiza
      scientific ringing ibiza formentera
    • Scientific ringing in Ibiza and Formentera
    • Mediterranean flycatcher (Muscicapa tyrrhenica), Ibiza.
    • Barn Owl (Tyto alba), Eivissa.
    • Juvenile and adult black-capped warbler (Melanocephala melanocephala warbler)
    • Study of migrations and local populations of avifauna
    • Aquatic warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus), Ibiza, Formentera
    • Studies and training associated with ornithology in Ibiza and Formentera

      Live trapping systems

      As an integral part of any of our wildlife controls (rabbits, cats, dogs, snakes...), cage-traps, nets or net traps, among other non-injurious live trapping systems, are an essential part of our work methodology.

      The live capture of an animal is not only an ethical method of control, but it also allows you to give a second chance to the captured specimen, by allowing its translocation (controlled transfer) to another area where it is not harmful. Not to mention that in the specific case of certain species, both birds and other types of fauna, their capture by a method that does not respect their physical integrity, that is to say, that does not cause any type of injury or damage, is completely forbidden.

      At Nova Falcons, we are experts in the management and implementation of all types of netting systems, cage-traps, snares, etc., always respecting animal welfare and current legal regulations.

      You can find more information and data of interest, both on the species we work with and on the work carried out in this field, in the Divulgation area of our website.

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